In many cases Probate can be a complex and confusing process, even what would appear to be a relatively simple estate can be a challenge to administer without the right help. 

Being an Executor named in a Will, or a Personal Representative of person who’s died without a Will, is a big responsibility and can feel overwhelming, particularly when you are also coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. 

As an Executor or Personal Representative you are personally liable so we would advise anyone in this position to seek professional advice on how to protect yourself as you carry out your role.

Although instructing a solicitor can be a considered cost sometimes the cost of rectifying a mistake, which has occurred during the administration of the estate, can be even more costly. For example have you dealt with any income tax, does the Will need to be varied to take into account a change of circumstances or to make it more tax efficient. 

When administering an estate you will often be faced with a difficulty and without the help of a professional you can’t always see an issue when it arises. 

Probate is now such a vast area of law.

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