Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney are not just for the elderly. Life can sometimes deal you a blow which means you just aren’t able to handle your affairs in the way you would like and you need a hand to manage things.

Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney gives you control over who will help to manage your affairs and possibly make decisions on your behalf.  They can be appointed to make financial decisions or decisions about your health and welfare.

This is a complex area and you want to protect both interest and those of the person you appoint. 

We can take through the process and create a Lasting Power of Attorney that reflects your wishes and future needs, but is also usable.

If your loved one hasn’t created a Lasting Power of Attorney and is no longer able to do so because they do not have the required capacity to do so you might need to consider an application to the Court of Protection to have a Deputy appointed.

We can assist you with the application process, including drafting a Court order, and advise on your duties and obligations. 

If you simply need a hand to deal with everyday affairs, paying bills, arranging care plans etc. we can assist you. 

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