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Privacy & Security

If you wish to exchange complicated or confidential information via the net please agree protocols with us first.If you have a government approved secure email address such as gsi or cjsm we can be contacted securely on


We will treat you as having accepted the risk of eaves dropping on communications if you e mail us, without any encryption and that we may reply in similar manner. If you are sending attachments please state in the clear text of the message what your are sending and what format it is in. Unexplained attachments which could be virus attacks will be deleted un-viewed. Virus attacks can be anything from a mild annoyance to a disaster.


We have our own arrangements regarding virus protection and alerts. If you think you may have passed on a hostile program or have received a warning which you feel we should know about please do so by phone fax or letter rather than risk spreading the problem with you e mail of warning. 


If you are operating without either an anti virus program which is up to date or an anti hacking firewall then there is freeware out there which may help you. If you do not understand internet security problems, then get some advice as soon as possible and do not rely upon the net  for important communications use some more secure method. It is your risk not ours if something goes wrong because you have not protected yourself from being hacked, spammed or overheard.


We would recommend you use not only an anti virus program but also an anti spyware program.